This promises to be a pivotal season for our club.  

We have regained control of our clubhouse and the prospect of playing on a 3G pitch grows ever closer.  

Together we will rise to these challenges but they bring even greater financial pressures. 

More than ever before we need your help!

PLEASE support us by donating £5 for every WIN achieved.

Everyone who sponsors ALL Welsh Premier League games for this season will be offered free match day hospitality for our first home Welsh Premier League game after the mid –season split, as a special thank you from the Club.

Please return this completed form together with your name, address and phone number to: Paul Ashley-Jones (07775 820864), Coed Yr Ywen, Carmarthen SA31 2NB.

Other fund raising methods

Golden Goal

Spend £1 for two chances to win £60 - Please enter your chosen time (in minutes and seconds) in each of the first and last goal columns. There is a £60 prize for the person nearest to the correct time entry in each column, ie: for the first and last goals. Therefore £120 will be won in each Golden Goal fixture! But, if there is a 1-0 scoreline, the lucky person nearest the golden first goal will scoop (|£60+£60+a £10 bonus) = £130! If there are no goals scored the competition runs over to the next Golden Goal fixture. For more information please contact Chris Goffin on 07850 362993 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Our Annual Community Raffle with details of some fantastic prizes will be announced in the next month. A fantastic opportunity for your club, school or organisation to make funds for yourselves with our cash back scheme.


The Tote is a weekly draw aimed at raising funds for Carmarthen Town AFC, Community Programme and the Academy.  Normally drawn on a Monday evening, it costs just £4.33 per month ie £1 a week to enter. Your support would be greatly appreciated and would provide much needed income essential to the future running of the above.

A pound a week entitles you to two entries in the tote draw.  There is no maximum limit on the prize. Prize money starts at £100 with rollovers until the prize is won. 

To enter you would need to select two sets of numbers between 1 and 60 which would be entered into the draw each week.

When the prize is won the money reverts back to £100.   If there is more than one winner the prize is shared.

In addition to the main draw a bonus draw with prize money of £100 takes place twice a year.  This bonus draw is exclusively for Members who enter our main weekly draw by Monthly Standing Order via their bank account.

If you wish to participate in the Club’s weekly tote please complete the Standing Order Form and return it to the Club and you will be entered into the weekly Draw once your first payment is received.

NOTE:  Prize Money is paid automatically you do not need to submit any claims.



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Carmarthen Town AFC are members of the JD Welsh Premier League, affiliated to the Football Association of Wales and the West Wales Football Association.